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Fordham & Dominion Packaging Redesign

Designing labels and packaging as unique as Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company’s craft beers and storied history proved to be a complex, but rewarding task for Mission. Fordham & Dominion teamed up with Mission to deliver clean, approachable, and recognizable can and bottle labels, secondary packaging and point of sale materials, that not only aim to retain their loyal consumer base, but appeal to a new, younger drinker. Additionally, the designs for each Fordham and Dominion needed to work together as a cohesive family, while still allowing for geographical distinction tied to the place from which each brand is rooted.

Unique illustrations, paired with a family look and feel, lay the groundwork for F&D to begin their storytelling of what makes their beers unmistakably identifiable in a saturated market. With each sip, drinkers continue the experience evoked by each unique label. 

The redesigned can and bottle labels, packaging and POS materials can be found in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., and southern Pennsylvania. 

Fordham & Dominion cans with redesigned labelsFordham & Dominion Copper Head Ale label with two snakesFordham & Dominion Gypsy Lager with two womenFordham & Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager with two birdsFordham & Dominion The 11th Sour with two hourglassesFordham & Dominion Back Stage IPA with two guitarsFordham & Dominion Oak Barrel Stout with two beer barrelsFordham & Dominion's redesigned beer bottle and packageclose up of the 11th sour labeled tap in a barstore window with redesigned packs of Fordham & Dominion beerstacked beer cans with redesigned labels in front front of a live musician

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