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Natty Boh Packaging and Brand Redesign

A staple in Baltimore since it was first brewed in 1885, National Bohemian, or “Natty Boh” as locals refer to it, is one of the few iconic brands that defines not only a geographical location, but a mindset. When drinking Natty Boh, the motto is simple - Live Pleasantly. 

It’s a lofty task to reimagine a local legend that seemingly everyone has an emotional connection to in one way or another, but the Mission team approached this project with Boh's motto in one hand and storied history in the other. Combining the two took seemingly countless conversations, more than a handful of brainstorming sessions and even a few taste tests along the way. Over the course of a few months, Mission and the Boh team narrowed worthy concepts into market-ready designs. From Natty Boh’s classic red and gold, to Day Beer's refreshing blue and Crab Shack Shandy’s mustachioed lemon mascot, the new Natty Boh designs are an ode to Baltimore's brewing history, while looking forward to the inspiring moments yet to come. 

six new Natty Boh designed beer cans with the signature mustache
orange National Bohemian beer cans and package
orange National Bohemian beer bottle in front of two six-packs
National Bohemian branded bus station and large banner on a building
Natty Boh ad in a magazine that displays two man at the beach with the title Have Yourself a Day! Day Beer
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