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Employee Spotlight: Eden Fitzkee

Account Strategist

Start Date:
May 15, 2017

The one TV show you never miss an episode of:
Scandal. Cannot get enough of Olivia Pope. 

Go-to karaoke song:
I'd recommend never listening to me sing, but Drops of Jupiter is a great sing-a-long. 

Go-to midnight snack:
Hmmm...maybe ice cream? Or grilled cheese. Or Taco Bell. 

Favorite happy hour drink:
Anything with alcohol. 

Project you're most proud of and why:
STX Rival Helmet product launch. This was a huge project for Mission and STX where we really pushed ourselves internally to step out of our comfort zone and create something we've never done before. There were many challenges along the way, which I think made us grow as a team and individually, but in the end we launched a successful campaign and complex website that the entire team is proud of.