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Essential Tips From Mission: Working From Home

This is a strange and scary time for all of us. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are experiencing working from home (full-time!) for the first time. Even if you’ve worked from home before, working from home because of this virus is sure to feel completely different. Your entire company is involved, and you have to keep social distancing inside and outside of work. 

Here are some tips from Mission’s employees that have helped us cope during this time, while still accomplishing our work and maintaining our well-being: 

Establish a Morning Routine

Establish the discipline of a routine start to each working day. Whether it’s taking a morning shower, going on a short walk, or brewing coffee and making breakfast, a morning routine is crucial to start your day. There’s nothing wrong with reading the news online or taking a moment to do something for yourself before starting your day. Then, switch your mindset to work mode and begin your daily tasks.
Tip: Many of our employees keep a thorough checklist of daily tasks. Crossing off an item once completed can be very satisfying.

Designate a Work Space

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to working remotely is keeping your work and home lives separate. Having a dedicated space where you can focus on your work with minimal distractions is key. Even if this is the dining room table, getting out of bed and off the couch will allow for a more efficient workday. Many of our employees brought their monitors home and set up a designated work area...and it’s helped them immensely.
Tip: Get some sunshine! Set up your workspace near a window so you don’t feel secluded from the world. 

Take Breaks

It can be difficult to pull yourself away from your laptop, especially if you’re worried coworkers will think you’re just slacking off. However, taking short breaks is a scientifically proven method for regaining our focus, sharpness, and motivation. Leave your desk for lunch, go on a short walk, take a snack break, water your plants, or play with your pet. It doesn’t matter what you’re taking a break to do, it will be beneficial to your day. Your body needs to move. Our employees at Mission are encouraged to take breaks and let coworkers know by setting a status on the Slack app.
Tip: Have snacks ready and schedule breaks on your calendar so you don’t forget to take them!


When the entire office suddenly starts working from home, you're cutting out a lot of the normal day-to-day interactions that you’re used to that help you feel connected and less lonely. Working from home shouldn’t mean that you don’t socialize. There are ways to socialize with your coworkers while maintaining social distancing. Frequently check in with your colleagues, even if it’s just to ask how they’re doing. Feeling connected during this time is essential, and being proactive about communicating and nurturing relationships is important.
Tip: Utilize video chat so you can see a friendly face! 

Socializing is important out of work too. Many of us are utilizing Zoom video chat to keep in touch with friends and stay connected.
Tip: Zoom is a great feature if you want to set up a virtual happy hour with multiple people!

Take Virtual Classes

Just because you can’t leave the house to do your normal day-to-day activities doesn’t mean you can’t bring those activities to you! There are many companies that are offering online classes. Whether it’s a cooking class, exercise class, or wellness class, take some time to normalize your schedule and do the things you love. 

Virtual Class Suggestions from Mission Employees:

  • Corepower is offering free online Yoga classes to keep up with your practice. 
  • Alomoves offers $20/month unlimited yoga, and you can sign up for a free 14-day trial. This is more advanced for those yogis out there! 
  • Caputo Brothers is bringing their cheese to you! They have virtual cooking classes to make homemade mozzarella ($40). They send you the kit with all the ingredients the day prior to the class, as well as a private link to sign on for their live class and participate. You can even ask questions!
  • Yale is offering its most popular class “The Science of Well Being” free online. This class features lectures by Professor Laurie Santos on things people think will make them happy but don’t. More importantly, it helps you discover things that do bring lasting life satisfaction. 

Adopt a Hobby

Many of us at Mission are using this time to focus on ourselves and the things we love. Some of us have picked up a new hobby such as learning a new favorite recipe, reading, or journaling. Others are taking this time to revive an old hobby that we simply haven’t had the time to keep doing.
Tip: Music is a great outlet to stay sane and keep happy, whether it’s discovering new music or creating your own.  

Get Things Done

It’s spring cleaning time! Take this time to get things done around the house that you normally don’t have time for. Clean out your closet, do some yard work, paint your living room; being productive will feel good!
Tip: Pinterest has some great DIY projects if you’re struggling for inspiration. 

Do What Makes You Feel Good

If you want to sit on your couch, put on some Netflix, and indulge in some food, you should! A lot of our employees are discovering new TV shows, books, and video games that are keeping our minds stimulated.
Tip: If you’re lucky enough to have a pet, teach them a new trick! There’s no time like the present.