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Facebook and Instagram Ads: Videos or Images?

With Facebook's ever-changing algorithm, we are often asked the question "should our ads be static images or videos?" The simple answer: when possible, always video! And to be clear, that does not mean you need to make a highly produced video every time you want to run a campaign. Simple animation exported as a .mp4 file will do the trick!

So what does this really mean? When your ads go into the auction, if everything else is equal between you and your competitor, a video ad will beat an image ad every single time. Think of it like a real-life auction. An image ad offers $500 for an antique vs. the video ad offering $2,000. Any sane aucitioneer would choose $2,000 over $500 every time, right?

When it comes down to it, the goal of all marketers is to engage their audience in an exciting and memorable way. The data shows that users are more engaged with videos so Facebook is supporting that with their adjusted algorithms. To remain relevant and to beat out the competition, add videos to your advertising efforts on social media.