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Get Floored; A 3D Project

At Mission, we have a passion for transformation. So, when Ecore, a leader in indoor and outdoor athletic-focused flooring, approached our team to rethink how they present their flooring options, we hit the ground running on our next big idea. The more we dug in, the more evident it became that the flooring used for athletic settings truly makes a difference. From the platform where you lift weights to get swole, to the studio in which you peacefully practice yoga, to the multi-purpose court you indubitably beat your friend in one-on-one basketball on, the surface matters and it was Mission’s job to showcase the differences quality flooring possesses. Through the use of compelling 3D models and other elements, Mission created an interactive application tool that allows viewers to see the difference in quality through a realistic setting.

While rewarding, the process to complete the project was a beast and required an immense amount of attention to detail, as well as a significant number of tools and software. In total, from the initial camera used for photographs to touch-up tools for finishing edits, our design team used more than 10 tools and software platforms, including Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Substance Alchemist, Substance Designer, Cinema 4D, Octane, and Forrester.

To begin, we took macro photographs of the physical samples of each flooring type. Our custom lighting rig showed no shadows or imperfections as these would surely be noticeable once tiling began. Post-photo capture, our team used Substance Designer and Substance Alchemist to process the photography into 3D bitmaps, which were then used in tandem with Octane render Engine to create high-fidelity flooring textures of each of the flooring types offered. Ultimately, this allowed Mission to show real representations of Ecore’s flooring options in a 3D environment. 

Once the textures were created, the challenge shifted to scaling the large proportions of the images/textures into smaller, easily duplicated tiles. The key here wasn’t so much shrinking the size but making sure the tiles didn’t look repeated from a distance. For the best perspective, we locked the view into a 45-degree isometric angle. 

With the flooring tiles and viewpoint determined, the modeling of interior assets came next. The interactive 3D environment utilizes 33 unique individual workout equipment assets, not including the track or architectures. This was a challenge throughout the entire process, but this step, in particular, was more so with the melding of the real flooring tiles with modeled buildings and equipment. If the assets appeared too fake, the credibility of the environment was at stake. The Mission team worked meticulously to accomplish realistic equipment models. To develop the landscape surrounding the environment, our team utilized Forrester 3D and inserted hyper-realistic grass, bushes, and trees.

The last step in the 3D process was to photoshop an array of multi-pass layers and combine them to render the final product. 

All things considered, this project required an attention to detail like no other truly captured the essence of what Ecore required - a captivating, realistic environment to showcase their floors and provide in-depth detail to prospective buyers. 

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