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Let's Science Summer Campaign

The Maryland Science Center tasked Mission with refreshing their annual summer events campaign to boost visitation and engagement with fun, hands-on experiments for all ages.

This was accomplished by using modeling techniques in Octane Render, Maxon Cinema 4d, and other rendering techniques to develop a family of characters and icons to represent each experiment, as well as elements seen when visiting the Science Center. The goal being to create whimsical, imaginative still-life scenes for each weekly experiment. By adding custom animations, the key art grows to become fun, bouncy and playful, further tying the imaginative nature of science with the design. Once created, each weekly badge was paired with live footage of the experiments to make comprehensive teaser assets

These videos were spread across a variety of social platforms to build buzz around the events, drive traffic to full schedule of events and the Maryland Science Center website for further information.


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