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Target Your Audience in Unique Locations with Snapchat's Latest Updates

This week Snapchat launched two new ad tools that expanded their location-based targeting options: location categories and radius targeting. These two ad features allow advertisers to more quickly and effectively reach a target audience in unique ways. Additionally, diversifying the location targeting options makes Snapchat a more competitive platform for advertisers to utilize.

Radius Targeting

Previously, Snapchat's self-service advertising platform limited geographic targeting to metros, states, and postal codes, which was much more limited than Google and Facebook. With the addition of radius targeting, Snapchat has caught up to those competitors, thus making it consistent for advertisers.

The new radius targeting allows advertisers to include or exclude a radius around a geographic area based on an address, city center, pin, or point of interest to target audiences. The radius must contain an audience of more than 1,000 users and be between 0.63 and 62 miles around a specific location.

This targeting tool will allow advertisers to drive foot traffic to specific locations. For example, Nordstrom Rack used Snapchat's radius targeting to reach users within a 20-mile radius of its newest retail store location, helping to drive more awareness of the store and to encourage people in the area to visit. 

Location Categories

The new addition of location categories allows advertisers to target audiences who are currently at locations within that category. So, for example, advertisers can now target users who are at a beach, a movie theater, or a university within the geolocation they have chosen. 

Snapchat now offers more than 150 location categories to choose from in the U.S. This form of location targeting is unique, as it is not offered on other major ad platforms.

Images taken from Marketing Land's article on the update.