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The Penguins Are Coming…Closer Than Ever!

Excited…pumped…stoked…flippin’ out (pun intended). Because we love penguins, and on September 27, 2014, the Maryland Zoo is bringing these adorable little waddlers up close and personal! The Zoo’s new exhibit, Penguin Coast, will be the new habitat for the African penguins, which are an endangered species.

This undertaking will allow the Zoo to do what it does best – create a state-of-the-art environment for its African penguin population, while at the same time conserving resources and protecting this charming species. It also provides Mission the opportunity to do what we do best – showcase these gorgeous and spirited birds at their finest!

Mission has been working with the Zoo to create a campaign that highlights the African penguin. And you better get ready, because this new exhibit takes you closer than ever!

Last week we had the opportunity to spend some time with the Zoo’s ambassador penguin, Winnie. What a funny, sweet girl!

Get a quick behind-the-scenes look at our time with Winnie:

7/15 :: Photo Shoot

Winnie the Ambassador Penguin walking
Cha-Cha Slide across the backdrop.

Winnie the Ambassador Penguin flapping her wings
We pretend Winnie is trying to hug us.

Winnie the Ambassador Penguin turning around
Getting a little camera shy.

Close up of Winnie the Ambassador Penguin
“Okay, now I’m ready for my close up!”

7/21 :: Video Shoot

Winnie the Ambassador Penguin with the Maryland Zoo Marketing Director
Winnie and Timm Baldwin, the Zoo’s Marketing Director, making a connection (Timm’s face is priceless)!

Winnie the Penguin from The Maryland Zoo and her keeper Amy Eveleth
Simon says stop! And smile at the camera.

Maryland Zoo Penguin during photoshoot
Winnie hitting her mark like a pro. Or better yet, like a BOSS.

And who could forget our other fine feathered friends who are moving to a new home…the flamingoes!

Flamingoes at The Maryland Zoo
You know you’ve missed seeing these sassy, pink beauties on exhibit!

For more information on the exhibit, visit The Maryland Zoo''s website.

Mark your calendars (I have) for September 27th! Because I love penguins. And we bet you will too.